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SharePoint and Content Deduplication

Let me start off by saying that in this short posting, I don’t intend to provide or discuss any solutions, that specifically address de-duplication of content in SharePoint. But rather explore the idea, that duplication of content is often mistaken for a problem its not, and that while de-duplication may seem like the most logical solution; it may really cause more problems then it solves.

I believe that when the topic of duplicate content comes up it generally revolves around content discovery, primarily the impact that duplicate content has on search results. While duplicate content is quickly pegged as the culprit, it’s really more of a discoverability issue around authorative content. Removing duplicate content may not really be the solution, but perhaps effectively surfacing authorative content by reconfiguring search result page(s), fine tuning your search configuration, and doing a better job leveraging refiners and scopes.

As a user who sometimes copies documents and presentation from other areas into my own collaboration or personal sites, I wouldn’t be in favor of a solution that automatically removes my copies. I believe that in trying to remove duplicate content, you’ll quickly find many such users, and you may ultimately find yourself trying to change too much about how your users get work done.

Of course, discoverability may not be the issue you are trying to solve with de-duplication, in which case it may ultimately have to do with storage. If so, it may point to a bigger issue around information architecture, lifecycle management, and content expiration… But I’ll leave those topics for another time in the interest of keeping this posting short.

SharePoint TechDive Feb 10, 2010: Customizing the Search Capabilities of SharePoint 2007

Join us Februay 10, 2010 as we discuss customizing the search capabilities of SharePoint 2007. During this session we will demonstrate how to change the look and feel of the search results. We will also discussed managed properties, their role, and how to create your own.  As always, the format will be an open forum where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts, lessons learned, and best practices pertaining to the topic chosen; SharePoint Search. Register at

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Customizing the SharePoint People Search Results

A few months back I gave a presentation at the Houston SharePoint Users Group (HSUG) on how to customize the People Search Results Page. The presentation includes a brief high level walk-through on how to configure the Active Directory Profile Import to include additional Active Directory property mappings, and how to display these newly mapped properties in the search results page using the People Search Core Results web part.

You can download the presentation here.

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