I’ve been using MS Office 2010 as my primary office productivity suite for quite some time now and have been very pleased. It’s very clear that a lot of thought was put into the products; not just focused on added functionality, but making them more intuitive, really improving the user experience. So many features come as second nature, that you don’t even realize that they are new. Until you are stuck with a workstation with a previous version of Office installed.

One such feature is the “Share” menu, with the option to “Save to SharePoint”. The following screenshot is from the MS Word 2010 Menu after creating a brand new file… complete with Recent Locations.


May not seem like much, but try living without it after you’ve had it for quite some time.

True, we’ve had “My SharePoint Sites” within the “Save File” screen in previous versions. But its never quite worked as expected… you had to explicitly be a “Member” of the site (not through an AD group), the profile import had to be working just right, after you were made a “Member” of the site it may not have shown up on your list until the following day, and a slew of other things. You could also say that we had “My Network Places”, but that required a certain level of proactivity that often times you just don’t have.

Nothing in Office 2010 was my idea… but to whoever’s idea this feature was; Thanks for keeping my experience in mind.