The demos on this presentation where moving a little too fast for my taste, would have preferred 1 demo covering the topic deeper instead off multiple demos that just felt like they were flying by. That’s not to say that there wasn’t useful information, some of the highlights below:

Solution Types

  • No Code Solutions
    • Everything is managed by the runtime
    • Can connect to:
      • Existing WCF
      • SQL Server Databases
      • .NET Objects
    • SharePoint Designer
    • SharePoint SDK (XML i.e no code)
    • Surface Data in External Lists
      • Connect External Lists to Outlook, SPW
    • Customize InfoPath forms
    • Outlook Taskpane and Ribbon
    • Word Quickparts
    • Web Part Pages
  • Code
    • Visual Studio
    • Reusable
    • Can be incorporated into solutions that require no code
    • Custom Connectivity for data aggregation and transformation
    • Require business logic in code

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