The following are some of the highlights from the Opening Keynote by Tom Rizzo and Steve Ballmer.

Tom Rizzo

  • Welcome Message, Funnies, Fun Facts about the Conference.

Steve Ballmer

  • SharePoint Public Beta Available in November
  • SharePoint Workspace Application in Office 2010 (Replacing Groove)
    • Take SharePoint Information Offline
    • Slow Links Support
  • End users can create their own custom SharePoint Applications (No Comments)
    • Access Services
    • InfoPath Form Services
    • SharePoint Designer

Tom Rizzo – Demo 1

  • SharePoint Development on Windows 7 and Vista
  • SharePoint Designer
    • Continues to be free
    • SharePoint Designer supports creating External Content Types mapped to external databases with CRUD Support (Create Read Update and Delete)
      • These appear as Lists on the SharePoint site
        • Same (or similar) support for sorting, filtering, views, etc.
      • Can Map to types such as “Outlook Contacts” that are fully integrated with Office 2010
    • XHTML Support
  • Visual Studio
    • Very tight integration with SharePoint 2010
    • Web Part Development very much like User Control (ASCX) development
    • Easily step through code and insert breakpoints
    • Developer Dashboard
      • Integrated Diagnostics
        • Performance Counters
        • Call Stack Data
    • Sand Box Solutions
      • Gives greater control to IT Administrators (Farm Admins)
        • Can Allocate Quotas based on performance data
        • Can easily manage and terminate faulty solutions

Steve Ballmer

  • SharePoint Online and Cloud allow you to build solutions that run:
    • On Premise
    • On the Cloud
    • In Mixed Mode

Tom Rizzo – Demo 2

  • End User Empowerment
    • New Product Page
    • Ribbon for Web Content Management
      • One-Click Page layout
      • Full Fidelity Copy Paste from MS Word 2010
    • Siverlight based Media Player Web Part
    • Fast Navigator Search Web Part (Queryless, Faceted, Drill Down)
      • Product Catalog
      • Slider Capabilities like those on the Bing Travel Site

Jeff Teper – VP Office Business Platform

  • Support for much larger lists and libraries
    • Million + Items on Lists
    • 10’s of Millions in Libraries
  • Taxonomy Management
    • Tagging
    • Content Types can be managed across site collections, web applications, and across all of the farms in your organization.
  • Digital Media / Records
    • Define Records in place rather than going to a record center
  • Partition Search Indexes 2
  • Visio Services
    • Integrate diagrams with Live Data
  • Take Business Intelligent Dashboards offline
  • Power Pivot (Previously called Gemini)
    • 100 Million Rows in Excel
    • Publish to Server with SharePoint
    • SQL Server Power Pivot for Excel
    • SQL Server Power Pivot for SharePoint

Jared Spataro – Demo

  • Page Editing
    • Preview changes on the glass as you are changing fonts (while hovering over the different fonts without having to select one). Like MS Word.
    • Add images to pages directly from your PC (don’t need to be in picture/image library)
    • Resize Images on the screen like in a WYSIWYG
  • Check-out multiple documents
  • Create Document Sets
    • Manage Workflows (among other things) for groups of documents simultaneously
  • Integrated Taxonomy Picker in Office 2010
  • Facebook Wall like functionality to track what you and other colleagues are up to (document ratings, recommendations, documents worked on, etc.)
  • View Peoples “Recent Content” directly from People Search Results
  • Note Board – on MySites
  • Excel Services Co-Editing
  • Manipulate Large Datasets (100s of millions) very quickly
    • Filtering, Sorting, etc.
  • Decomposition Tree in Performance Point allows us to very quickly break down where data is coming from.
  • SharePoint 2010 Mobile Workspace 2010 for Windows Mobile 6.5

Jeff Teper

  • 500+ Power Shell SharePoint Commands
  • Extensive usage tracking reports
    • Published Usage logging schema allows us to easily write our own reports.
  • Visual Upgrade Approach
    • Upgrade keeping the same 2007 UI
    • Dynamically switch to the 2010 UI when ready
      • Ability to preview site in SharePoint 2010 UI without committing changes

Arpan Shah

  • Central Admin
    • SharePoint Help Analyzer
      • Tells you if there is something wrong with your farm
        • Rules that check security, performance, configuration (based on best practices)
    • WSS is now SharePoint Foundation
  • Demo of SharePoint from a users standpoint using Firefox

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