Presented By: Todd Klindt and Shane Young.

  • SharePoint Containment Hierarchy (Self Proclaimed Worlds Greatest Slide)
    • Mostly Standard Stuff
      • Site Collection remain in in a single Content Database
      • Service Applications instead of Shared Service Provider
        • More flexible
        • Service Application Databases (per services)


  • Pre-req installer
    • Interrogates Systems
    • Checks for things you need
    • Automatically goes to the internet to pull down and install pre-reqs
      • Configurable so that you can point to a specific workstation or server to get the pre-reqs from.
  • Installing bits very similar to 2007 install
    • Farm Passphrase – helps address issues having to do with installation account being deleted.
  • Farm Configuration Wizards in Central Administration (that’s right Wizards as in multiple)
    • Initially one but extensible.. can create more.
  • Managed Accounts
    • Keep Service Accounts secured
    • SharePoint can manage password changes
      • Automatically change based on domain policy or other rules
        • Weekly, Monthly, etc.
      • Cool interface
        • See next time SharePoint will change the password
        • See last time SharePoint set the password
    • Ribbon in Central Admin
      • Changes depending on the object you have selected (i.e Web Apps)
  • Web Applications
    • When creating and specifying databases can specify failover server
      • SQL Mirroring Aware
    • Can specify which services (service connections) a web application is consuming.
    • Very easy to find Anonymous Policy button in ribbon
      • Similar buttons for other web app policies such as “User Policy”
    • Specify Preferred Timer Job Server per web application
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