This topic has been coming up quite a bit for me recently, specifically the integration of Project Server with an existing SharePoint 2007 farm. I happen to have a strong opinion about it; whenever possible keep Project Server in a separate farm from that of your Portal, Intranet, and Extranet sites. Clearly, I cant make this recommendation for every scenario… but I do believe it’ll apply the vast majority of the time. If for whatever reason you can’t have more than one farm (it may very well be out of your hands), I will include some tips or best practices to help keep your farm in harmony.

Why separate farms? While Project Server relies heavily on SharePoint for the vast majority of its features (quite the understatement); Project Server environments are generally used very different from how Portals, Intranets, Extranets, and ECM environments are used. Having them on different environments allows for easier maintenance of one without impacting the other; this is particularly important with upgrades.

So how does integrating Project Server with the farm hosting your other environments affect it? For starters, if you are planning on upgrading either your standard SharePoint or Project Server sites; you cant really upgrade either without upgrading the farm… and since all are sharing the same farm, your not really left with much of a choice, unless you split them out while performing the upgrade… and now you’ll have 2 projects on your hand.

Also keep in mind that the user base will be completely different, as will be the stakeholders, and any project sponsors; as such, any SharePoint related initiatives of one group will have to be coordinated with the others. You’ll also likely have separate SLAs and governance for each environment.

If you only have one farm available, there are a couple of things you can do to help:

1. Keep the Project Server (PWA and Workspace Sites) in their own separate web applications. This setup will lend itself for an easier migration to a separate farm if an upgrade or separation is ever required, and allows for better segregation of both administrative and maintenance tasks.

2. Having a dedicated WFE (Web Front End) for your Project Server sites will help improve performance.