There isn’t much information out there on the subject (at least not much that I’ve been able to find, and/or consider reliable.) The following steps describe my preferred approach to stop Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) in most typical farm environments. It is based on Microsoft’s recommended approach for moving SharePoint related databases.

  1. Shut Down the World Wide Web Publishing Service in the front-end servers to prevent any users from accessing content. You may want to consider Quiescing the farm.
  2. In the Services snap-in on the server(s) running Central Administration, stop the following services:

    Microsoft Single Sign-On service (MOSS only)

    Office Document Conversions Launcher service  (MOSS only)

    Office Document Conversions Load Balancer service (MOSS only)

    Office SharePoint Server Search service (MOSS only)

    Windows SharePoint Services Administration service

    Windows SharePoint Services Search service

    Windows SharePoint Services Timer service

    Windows SharePoint Services Tracing service

    Windows SharePoint Services VSS Writer service

  3. On the server(s) running Central Administration, stop Internet Information Services by opening the command prompt and running iisreset /stop

If restarting the farm, restart the Server Running Central Administration first followed by any application servers and finally the web front end servers.

Please note that the approach may vary from farm to farm based on how its configured, for example: if the Central Administration server is also an application server or front end server, if there are any third party tools or services running on the server, or if the Shared Service Provider is being consumed by any other farms.


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