Computers and phones are not the only things that need to be hard-booted these days. I guess it comes as no surprise… now that just about everything has a computer in it. But a car? More specifically; a pick-up truck?

Well, last Saturday, my Dodge pick up truck broke down in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse. It simply would not start. My first impression was that the battery must have gone out; so I bought some jumper cables and made a number of attempts to jump start the truck. Of course, I only then noticed that the instrument panel indicated that the battery was fully charged, and every single electrical component was working without a problem. It could not be the battery… something else must have been wrong.

Further troubleshooting revealed that while the power door locks worked when triggered from the button/lever on the door of the truck, the buttons on the key had no effect in locking or unlocking the doors. Well, I knew that the key had a proximity sensor, perhaps the batter on the key was bad, so I bought another battery, but again the truck simply would not start. So I began to think… what would I do if it were a computer, phone, or cable box? Perform a hard-boot of course. But how do I hard boot a pick-up truck?… Easy, same as a phone, you take out the battery. So that’s what I did, disconnected the battery, waited 10 seconds (this step inspired by the endless wisdom of over the phone technical support for just about everything), I reconnected the battery, turned the key, and the truck started right up.

It was one of the highlights of my weekend. Never before had car failure led me to so many laughs, at least not when I’ve been the one experiencing the problem. Of course, good company always makes these moments much more enjoyable.

Thank you Troy and Marlene, for sticking around.