I’ve decided to write a series of posts covering some of the basics of SharePoint. You’ll likely find a lot of posts on the subject out there already, and I’ll try including links to some of my favorites with each one of my postings. I do often get asked about the subjects I’ll be covering, and find it difficult to remember where to refer those asking the questions. My intent is to cover these subjects in the most basic manner, an introduction to the world of customizing and developing for SharePoint. I’ll be tagging the series “Back2Basics” which should make the posts easy to find. I welcome any requests or recommendations, in the mean time the following are some of the topics I plan on covering:


  1. SharePoint Back to Basics: Common Terms
  2. SharePoint Back to Basics: Logical Architecture (Web Applications, Site Collections, Sites)
  3. SharePoint Back to Basics: Features
  4. SharePoint Back to Basics: Master Pages
  5. SharePoint Back to Basics: Working with the DataForm (aka. DataView) Web Part
  6. SharePoint Back to Basics: Working with the Content Query Web Part


I’ll be updating the list above with links to each posting as I make them available, as well as additional topics. I cant guarantee that I’ll be covering them in that order. Again, requests and/or recommendations are always welcome.