I’ve been giving some thought to the whole “Web 2.0” concept; how people throw the term around in technical conversations the same way they do “governance”, “collaboration”, “KPIs”, and “B2B”. I love it when terms like this come around, seeing how they are used in conversation, the meaning they are given by different people. It really trips me out.

So after reading the term for the 100th time in some random blog. I decided to search on it, and see what other people are saying. I don’t want to bore you with all the details of what I found, (I doubt there are many people out there as easily amused) but I do recommend you check out this you tube video published by a professor of Cultural Anthropology from Kansas State University. It is one of the coolest presentations I’ve seen on… well… how do I say this in the least possible geeky way?… I cant; Separation of Content and Form. I know it may not sound very fun or interesting, but check it out, I thought it was fantastic: